Million Dollar May

Million Dollar May

With unprecedented nationwide support, Arizona Opera is both proud and immensely grateful to announce the successful completion of our second Million Dollar May Campaign, surpassing our $500,000 matching grant goal in just 60 days! Your generous support has ensured that the world’s greatest voices continue to “tell stories worth singing” in Arizona.

Thank You!

Million Dollar May
At A Glance
325 donors
From all 50 States
Washington D.C.
4 Countries (U.S.A., Japan, Canada and Austria)
100% support from Arizona Opera Staff and Board of Directors


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Donor Roll

M. and D. C., Paradise Valley AZ | M. and L. P., Phoenix AZ | P. and L. L., Scottsdale AZ | Anonymous, Paradise Valley, AZ | A. and R. J., Paradise Valley AZ | K. S., Mesa AZ | J. M., Waddell AZ | R. D., Phoenix AZ | A. S., Tucson AZ | D. L.S. and H. S., Paradise Valley AZ | C. and D. P., Gilbert AZ | S. B., Scottsdale AZ | K. F., Tempe AZ | D. B., Tucson AZ | B. and J. F., Phoenix AZ | S. B., New York NY | D. D., Scottsdale AZ | D. and T. L., Tucson AZ | M. and R. P., North Caldwell NJ | S. and M. H., Tucson AZ | T. H., Flagstaff, AZ | Anonymous, Scottsdale, AZ | C. H. and J. W., New York NY | V. J., Tucson AZ | M. and S. L., Scottsdale AZ |C. B., Dallas TX | F. K., Scottsdale AZ | S. R., Surprise AZ | B. and K. M., Chandler AZ | G. and H. S., Tucson AZ | R. L., Mesa AZ | B. and J. C., Wilmington DL | M. D., Tucson AZ | M. A., Scottsdale AZ | J. and C. H., Wilmington DL | A. P., Phoenix AZ | D. F., Phoenix AZ | N. S., Nashville TN | L. M., Vienna VA | G. H., Paradise Valley AZ | M. and B. M., Phoenix AZ | E. and A. M., Phoenix AZ | M. and L. E., Fallon NV | L. D., Phoenix AZ | W.B., Tucson AZ | R.H, Phoenix, AZ | B.H, Tucson, AZ | K.P, Paradise Valley AZ| E.S., Tucson Arizona | Anonymous | J.K., Mesa AZ | J.H, Franklin TN | J.H., Tucson AZ | K.P., Paradise Valley AZ | E.K, Glendale AZ | M.L., Tucson, AZ | K.T., Chandler, AZ | M.R., Washington DC | S.R., Chicago IL | B.L., New York NY | E.B., Acton MA | J.G., Marine St. Croix MN | M.M., Leonardtown MD | D.W., Great Cacpon, WV | Anonymous, Tucson AZ | B.L and P.O, Scottsdale AZ | W.H., Tucson AZ | M.B., New River AZ | C.D., Green Valley AZ | S.F., Phoenix AZ | K.K., Scottsdale AZ | L.L., Scottsdale, AZ | B.L., Salisbury CT | J.M., Tucson AZ | C. S., Lousiville KY | W.Y., Atlanta GA | Anonymous, Tucson AZ | Anonymous, Houston TX | J.E.B, Sunnyside NY | S.F., Chandler AZ | N.Y.E., Williamsburg VA | M.W., Tucson AZ | P.M., Phoenix AZ | W.S., Phoenix, AZ | Anonymous, Atlanta GA | P.A., Tucson AZ | R.C., Tucson AZ | T.D., Tucson AZ | D.B.P., Worthington OH | F.S., Phoenix AZ | E.W., Tucson AZ | J.R., Tucson AZ | V.P.E., Salt Lake City UT | M.S., Powell OH | R.S. and R.B., Tucson AZ | J.W., Tucson AZ | T.F., Houston TX | D.N., St. Louis MO | N.T., Mesa AZ | H.B.S., Tucson AZ | A. and R. B., Phoenix AZ | R.F.S., Paradise Valley, AZ | J.A.J and P.C.J, Tucson AZ | M.M., Tucson AZ | J.L.R. and M.G.F., Scottsdale AZ | B.R., Benicia CA | B. and M.B., La Quinta, CA | J.W., Paradise Valley AZ | S.C., Sioux Falls SD | R.D., Durham, NC | J.D., North Charleston NC | K.K., Seattle WA | Anonymous, Allentown, PA | S.S., New York NY | M. and S.C., Douglas AK | J.K., Tucson AZ | C.C., Luling LA | Anonymous, Portland OR | S. and J.M., Plantation FL | J.K., Bay City MI | Anonymous, Tucson AZ| B.F., USAP, Japan | K.K., Seattle WA | Anonymous, Phenix City AL | R.C., Durham NC | M.C., Douglas AK | L.H.B., Fountain Hills AZ | D.U., Green Valley AZ | S.H., Green Valley AZ | B.E. and P.B., Marshfield WI | G.A.B., Franksville WI | K.T., Grand Forks ND | N.W., Hilo, HI | Anonymous, Tokyo Japan | M.V., Moscow ID | T.D., Dubuque IA | S.S., Omaha NE | P. and T.M., Little Rock AR | J.A., Cleveland MS | G.S., Fort Wayne IN | A.K. and L.W., Ann Arbor MI | T.D., Colorado Springs CO | C.C., Luling LA | L.T., Portland Maine | J.C., Tucson AZ | A.Z., Phoenix AZ | L.S., Phoenix AZ | J.S.J., Phoenix AZ | I.C., Phoenix AZ | Anonymous, Colchester OK | J.R., Clinton ME | C.H., Fargo ND | J. and L.L., Prescott AZ | J.D., Phoenix AZ | Z.H., Phoenix AZ | M.A.R., Phoenix AZ | P.N., Phoenix AZ | C.D., Phoenix AZ | C.Q., Mesa AZ | K.Z., Edmond OK | L.L., Prescott AZ | M. and M.P., Gibsonia PA | C. and M.H., Phoenix AZ | P.F., Butte MT | A.OB., Fountain Hills AZ | S.L., Tucson AZ | B.B., Phoenix AZ | W.T., Bentonville AR | A.N., Phoenix AZ | W. and J.J., Fairview PA | N.S., Bozeman MT | V.F., Phoenix AZ | B.L., Phoenix AZ | T.T., Scottsdale AZ | D.E., Tucson AZ | F.H., Scottsdale AZ | J.H., Rockledge FL |  S.L., Bethesda MD | D.A., Tucson AZ | R. and S.R., Oro Valley AZ | J.J., Green Valley AZ | N.M., Tempe AZ | R.A., Tucson AZ | E.M., Oro Valley AZ | A.H., Graz, Austria | M.K. Phoenix AZ | A.B., Tucson AZ | N. and L.E., Macon GA | A.G., Scottsdale AZ | I.B.T., Prescott AZ | M.W., Tucson AZ | E.C., Phoenix AZ | J.K., Phoenix AZ | R.S., Phoenix AZ | P.F., Prescott AZ | J.S., Phoenix AZ | J.P.S., Tucson AZ | A.A.B., Phoenix AZ | M.C., Scottsdale AZ | G. and D. S., Scottsdale AZ | H.T., Phoenix AZ | C.R., Tucson AZ | A.MK, Vienna VA | E.C., Tucson AZ | S.L., Scottsdale AZ | B.F., Tucson AZ | C.L.R., Phoenix AZ | P.L., Tucson AZ | C.B., Avondale AZ | M.K., Paradise Valley AZ | A.A., Scottsdale AZ |