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Arizona Opera Cast Members & Creatives

Luis “Weezy” Egurrola

Weezy has been dancing and singing since the age of 14. His passion has always been being in the entertainment field. Weezy is a Phoenix native, born and raised. He has been creating a name for himself and the Phoenix dance scene for the past 20 years.

Founder and Co- Artistic Director of Epik Dance Company ( Phoenix’s Premier Street Fusion Dance Company) They have Produced many on stage live performances which include Dancing, singing, Thearter, spoken word and visual media.

Weezy has been a member of the Phoenix Mercury Hip Hop Squad for 15 years, and has been the Coach for the past 13 years. He is also part of the Phoenix Suns Organization becoming the coach of the Solar Squad (High Energy Hip Hop Dance Team) in 2008. He has choreographed for other teams in the NBA like the Golden State Warriors, Denver Nuggets , Detroit Pistons and the Portland Trailblazers to name a few. Weezy was involved in performing and choreographing for the 2009 NBA All-Star Week, and 2104 WNBA All-Stars which were both held in Phoenix, AZ. Not only is Weezy the in-arena host for the Phoenix Mercury, but he became the voice of the Phoenix Suns in-arena host in 2011. Using this platform Weezy Host events such as Charity auctions ( C200 Women , Phoenix Suns/Mercury), special event parties, fundraisers, weddings, Mitzfa's and more with 7+ years of experience. Being highly requested because of his professionalism, positive attitude and energy, and really knows how to get a party started!

Weezy has choreographed and hosted for many events in the valley, as well as out of state. At this point in his Journey Weezy has also gone back to his roots with music. He has been training vocally and working with producers to create original music, and Is now a signed recording artist. Releasing a single on Studio 54 Record label ( to be released this year) He has worked with artists like Pointer Sisters, Jade Johnson, Sya, Queen Yonasada, Renee, and Lashy through touring, live performances, and music videos.

Weezy is no stranger to charity work. He has worked with charities like the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, C200, Phoenix Mission, One Voice Community Center, MS Foundation, the Frank Foundation, and 1n10, to name a few. He has also participated in Phoenix Pride Festival performing his own written music on the Main Stage. Also performing with music artists as well as female impersonators thru out the years. Weezy also choreographed the opening number for the Miss Indian Pageant 2006, held at Chandler Center for the Arts.

Weezy has been brought in as a guest choreographer to numerous local high schools throughout the valley for national competitions, As well as instructs at many Dance Studios in the Valley of The Sun.

You can always spot his beautiful smile and shining personality on a news station in the valley . As he is always representing the Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Mercury, Epik Dance company and himself for live interviews and guest segments.

Luis “WEEZY” Egurrola has always felt that singing and entertaining is his life. He also says that “No matter what you do or how you do it, as long as you have true passion you will succeed.”