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Spark Commission Club

Spark Commission Club is a commissioning club founded in 2014 by a group of enterprising patrons of Arizona Opera. The club has created an initiative to encourage and support the development of new operatic work to further the mission of Arizona Opera’s artistic initiative, Arizona Bold. The initiative takes place over one 24-month cycle, and will be evaluated at the conclusion of the first cycle.

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Clint Borzoni


John de los Santos


The Copper Queen


This project focuses around the cultural lore of a real woman in Arizona history, Julia Lowell – an early 20th century woman who lived at The Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, Arizona.  Ms. Lowell is alleged to haunt the hotel ever since her shocking suicide in the early part of the 20th century.  The story is structured in a split narrative between Julia’s own time and a century later.  This structure will allow for a contemporary character in the opera to offer their take on the life of this tormented woman, while also seeing simultaneously how Julia Lowell may have dealt with her difficult realities at the time of her death. 

First Workshop Cast 

Sarah Tucker - Julia Lowell, a lady of the evening. 
Alyssa Martin - Addison Moore, an inquisitive woman with a secret.
Andrew Penning - Theodore Billings, a handsome miner and Julia's favorite client.
Joseph Lattanzi - Peter Ackerman, a friend of Daddy Lowell's.
Loren Battieste - Richie "Sugar Dog", a young and eager client of Julia's.  
Calvin Griffin - Mr. Floyd, concierge of The Copper Queen Hotel in 2010. 
Calvin Griffin - Daddy Lowell, Julia's father and origional owner of The Copper Queen Hotel.