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Arizona Opera Student Masterclasses

  • Masterclasses are offered in-person or virtually through zoom, or your already established platform.  
    • For in-person classes, Arizona Opera requires students to be seated at least 12ft away from the presenter. 
  • Virtual Masterclasses are completely customizable for you and your students.
  • There is no limit to the number of Masterclasses you can schedule or classes we visit.


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Time: Classes can be scheduled 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Masterclasses are 45 - 60 minutes in length

Grade Level: Recommended 6th - 12th grade

Cities: Available to ALL cities in the state of Arizona (in-person masterclasses are only available in the Phoenix metro area)

Cost: FREE for Arizona Opera Masterclass  



You may choose more than one topic to be covered in a 45 minute session.

Vocal Masterclass: Select an individual, group, or full class to perform for our Education Teaching Artist who will work directly with your selected group or individual to provide masterclass style feedback and coaching. We are happy to address specific areas of struggle directly related to the selected piece, or give a general masterclass based on observation. Teachers will need to select the student(s) or group before the masterclass and proved the selected repertoire or sheet music in advance. If selecting individuals, 20 minutes per student is recommended. 

Artist Spotlight and Career Development: How does a performer develop a career in their selected artform? Our Education Teaching Artist, Dr. Miriam Schildkret, will talk about her path to becoming an opera professional, and how to develop your careeer in the arts.  How do you market yourself as a musician? What is the importance of networking? What goals should work towards leading up to graduation if you are planning to study in college? Do you have to be a performer to have a career in the arts? This option can be customized to include questions and advice your students need.  

Opera History: Get on run-down on the basics of opera. With discussions about the evolution of opera, as well as information about recitative vs. aria, voice types, and other major composers, this is a perfect crash-course to introduce your students to this incredible art form. Want more? Dr. Miriam Schildkret also offers a 3 part series, starting with the origin of opera, and taking learners all the way to where opera is today. If you are interested in this series, please indicate that in the notes section of the sign up form. 

Performance Anxiety: Stage fright is one of the most common deterrents when it comes to performing. Our Education Teaching Artist will engage in a discussion with your students on how to best tackle anxiety and nerves in performances and auditions. 

Mental/Physical Health as it Relates to Performers: The opera world (and let’s face it, the world in general) can put lots of demands on performers. From dealing with rejection to staying fit for roles, students will learn techniques to become their healthiest selves both on and off the stage.

Score Study: Together as a class we will start by learning how to figure out if it is in the appropriate key, then the steps to take to learn a new song. Steps include, writing out the beat, speaking the rhythm, singing the rhythm, adding lyrics, applying techniques, and how to start memorizing. The remaining time can be used to work with a selected student on the specific piece chosen to work with. This will work best with musical theatre or pop as the sheet music is readily available. Suggested songs can be provided upon request.

Arizona Opera Masterclass Topics presented by Miriam Schildkret.


Arizona Opera’s Department of Education and Community Engagement programs are made possible through the support of: Karen Fruen, The Kemper and Ethel Marley Foundation, Dr. Rex Brewster, Invest in Kids Charitable Gift Fund, The Moreno Family Foundation, The Arizona Republic, Fillman Gorin Fund held at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, The City of Peoria, and Desert Diamond Casino West Valley.