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Our Team

As is our mission, the Arizona Opera staff strives to elevate the transformative power of storytelling through the music—cultivating community, strengthening a state and people as adventurous and diverse as the place they call home.


Arizona Opera Staff

Joseph Specter, President & General Director 



Aaron Grant, Director of Artistic Operations and the Pullin Opera Studio
Katherine Kozak, Head of Music, Chorus Master, and Principal Coach of the Pullin Opera Studio
Cody Steele, Associate Artistic Administrator
Shawn Campbell, Orchestra Manager
Laura Tagawa, Orchestra Librarian


Box Office

Peter Hiebert, Box Office Manager
Alexsandra Esposito, Box Office Associate


Community Engagement and Education

Cassie Hollerbach, Director of Education and Community Engagement


Costume Shop

Kathleen Trott, Costume Shop Manager
Katie Kenna, Lead Cutter/Draper
Becky Giblin, Master Stitcher
Shelby Joiner, First Hand & Painter/Dyer
Emily Stovall, Workroom Assistant & Costume Rentals
Cody Grasher, Staff Stitcher
Kayla Zeimet, Journeyman Apprentice (Wardrobe)
Koleton Cox, Wig & Costume Apprentice II
Tenaya Tidwell, Costume Apprentice II
April Maytorena, Costume Apprentice I
Kenzie Laughlin, Costume Apprentice I



Ashley Parks, Director of Development
Michael Hoke, Associate Director of Development
Abigail Brow, Individual Giving Manager
Molly Flores, Institutional Relations & Sponsorship Manager




Finance and Administration

Joann Serra, Director of Finance, Administration, & HR
Iryna Comstock, Accounting Associate



Heidi Kelley, Director of Marketing, Communications, & Public Relations
Ellen Hinkle, Associate Director of Marketing, Communications, & Public Relations
John McCoy, Marketing Manager



Clayton Rodney, Director of Production
Alanna Maniscalco, Properties Supervisor
Bradley Taylor, Production Manager and Lighting Supervisor
Robert Auchter, Production Coordinator and Supertitle Cuer
Noah Dettman, Sound Supervisor


Production Stage Crew

Margaret Soland, Production Electrician
Kristopher Medrano, Assistant Production Electrician
Connor Greene, Programmer
Randall Huot, Head of Audio


Scenic Shop

Ryan Bruner, Head Carpenter and Scenic Shop Manager
Robert Bruner, Steward & Lead Carpenter
Raz Vela, Metalwork
Craig Cheply, Head Scenic Artist
Marisa McGuire, Scenic Artist
Jeff Slim, Scenic Artist


Stage Management

Luci Burdick, Stage Manager
Dustin West, Stage Manager: The Sound of Music
Megan Ross, Assistant Stage Manager
Chris Colbourn, Assistant Stage Manager
Therese Cudmore, Apprentice Assistant Stage Manager


Wigs and Makeup

Alita Lopez, Wig & Makeup Manager


Arizona Opera Orchestra

Violin 1

Ikuko Kanda, Concertmaster
Linda Lambie, Assistant Concertmaster
Galina Sukhina
Mutsuko Tatman
Dasha Hlavenka
Hisami Iijima Dillard
Carla Kountoupes
Jisu Choi


Violin 2

Cynthia Baker, Principal
Helga Kolosick, Assistant Principal
Priscilla Benitez
Richard Hoffman
Laura Tagawa
Tamara Freida
Grave Wills
Luke Hill



Christina Beasley, Principal
Vivi Erickson, Assistant Principal
Caroline Ruiz
Katherine Shields
Jeffrey Norman
Monica MacMichael



Debra Pearson, Principal
Mary DiBartolo, Assistant Principal
Margaret Gilmore
Tom Hoisch
Abe Liebhaber
Yeil Park



Chunyang Wang, Principal
Claudia Botterweg, Assistant Principal
Derek DeVelder
Jason Roederer



Lynn Gorman DeVelder, Principal



Paula Redinger, Principal
Melanie Winans



Neil Tatman, Principal
Scott Morano



Brian Viliunas, Principal
Marianne Shifrin



Melanie Sanguinetti, Principal
Jill Marderness



Peter Erb, Principal
Nathan Mitchell
Bruce Hembd
Shawn Campbell



James Benitez, Co-Principal
Leslie Linn, Co-Principal



Martin Demos, Principal
Michael Becker
Grant Jordan



Steve Mapes, Principal



Neil Dunn, Principal



Corey Ritter, Principal