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Explore your venue: Symphony Hall

Cece Roeder – January 10, 2019

One of Phoenix’s premiere performing arts venues, Symphony Hall is the home of several performing arts originations in the Valley, including Arizona Opera. With over 2,240 seats, Symphony Hall is a perfect place to experience the grand operatic pieces of our Main Stage Series with family and friends.

Symphony Hall was constructed in 1972, as a part of the Phoenix Civic Plaza. In the 1960s, it had become increasingly obvious to Phoenicians that their growing city was in dire need of a dedicated performing arts venue. This grew to include a convention center as well as an entertainment space.

Those interested in what Phoenix and Symphony Hall looked like back in those days need look no further than the Clint Eastwood film The Gauntlet, filmed in 1977. The film ends with a dramatic scene on the corner 2nd Street and Adams, where the main entrance for Symphony Hall is located. As the Convention Center had not yet been fully completed, St. Mary's Church is visible in the background

In 2004, Symphony Hall underwent an extensive $18.5 million dollar renovation and expansion, including a greatly expanded lobby, new seating configurations, acoustical upgrades, extra elevators, upgraded restrooms, and a new box office. Part of these renovations included adding unique artwork on display. The four long tapestries that hang in Symphony Hall were designed by David Chethlahe Paladin. Modeled after Navajo sand paintings, the tapestries were crafted by Teji dos Artisticos in Mexico City, and are intended to represent understanding of the interlocking elements of two cultures.

When you sit down for a performance at Symphony Hall, know that you are one of thousands of Arizonans who has experienced quality performing arts in this historic venue.