Bold. Brave. Brilliant.

Giuseppe Verdi's Signature Analysis

by Arlyn Imberman

Giuseppe Verdi's signature expresses clarity, high drama and grandiosity. It is a theatrical gesture which fills the page. Even the "i" dot at the upper right of his name expresses intensity and energy. The signature expresses a design thought through with creativity and shot through with certainty. The repeated circuitry of the signature is both a form of self-protection and a grand gesture. Despite the repeated lines, the signature is legible - showing Verdi with a strong sense of self who is aware of his special gifts. 

One can see the express of his self-importance and need to take over the space which he inhabits. The unique lines comprising the design and subsequent signature are both aesthetic and creative, and yet, despite the complexity his name is legible and clear adding that he wishes to communicate his presence. 

Verdi perceives himself as special, one who belongs in his own world where his artistic gifts can flourish. The encirclement suggests pride in his special gifts. The elaboration is the awareness of what is going on around him forming a picture frame of his name protected, clear and unencumbered.

The number of repeated lines under his name shows an enormous paraph intended to make one aware of his uniqueness and significance (and deservedly so!).

The fluidity of movement, the complexity of the pictorial design, and the entire signature itself which is direct and simple reveals one who uses himself productively.

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