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Production Apprentice Spotlight

Cheyenne Smith

Costume Apprentice 1 (2016/17)

Hometown: Baroda, Michigan

Since my time at Arizona Opera I have been steadily advancing my career in the field as a Costume Craftsman. The skills and experience I obtained from my apprenticeship at Arizona Opera gave me the confidence and experience that I needed in order to pursue my career in crafts. Since my apprenticeship I have had the opportunity to do surface design with Ballet Arizona and serve as a crafts apprentice with the Santa Fe Opera where I helped make 22 sets of armor for the 2017 production of The Golden Cockerel. After finishing my summer in Santa Fe I traveled to the pacific Northwest where I became the Master Crafts Artisan for the Seattle Children’s Theatre. Since joining SCT I have helped to put on shows big and small starting last season with The Little Price and ending with a world premier musical Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed. Both very fun and craft Challenging shows. For Naked Mole Rat Alone I had to build eight rat suits, eight tails, 5 hat blocks, 9 hats and paint and dye the mole rat “skin” and shoes. In the end it turned out a very fun and entertaining musical. I had so much fun last season and am looking forward to what interesting challenges await me this season.