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Arizona Opera: Behind the Scenes! A Podcast

Season 2, Episode 3: Meet the Costume Apprentices (Socks, Pockets, and Zippers)
Monday, November 22, 2021 - 6:00pm

Join your hosts, Cassie Robel (The Director of Education and Community Engagement) and Kathleen Trott (The Marlu Allan and Scott Stallard Costume Artisan Workshop Manager) as they delve into all of the departments and peoples who work to create the operas you know and enjoy. Listen along as they have candid and entertaining conversations with Arizona Opera artisans about how staff members came to work for Arizona Opera, what the different jobs at Arizona Opera are, and even what makes an opera an opera.


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Episode Information:

Season 2, Episode 3: Meet the Costume Apprentices (Socks, Pockets and Zippers)

Release Date: November 22, 2021

Join Cassie & Kathleen as they meet Cody Grasher, Tenaya Tidwell, and Kayla Zeimet, this season’s Costume Shop Apprentices. Learn the difference between a Journeyman apprentice and an Apprentice I. Find out how Kayla and Tenaya came to Arizona Opera and what they are looking forward to the most for this season. Join us as we talk fashion styles that should go and ones that we love and find out why socks, pockets and zippers could be controversial.