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Taliesin West Live

Featuring Arizona Opera
Friday, April 21, 2023 - 7:00pm (Scottsdale)

Immerse yourself in art and wonder as you sit in the historic spaces at Taliesin West and enjoy live music, dance, or performances, just like the Wrights did! We invite you to experience the site as it was once used, as different spaces come alive with some of the best entertainment Phoenix has to offer. This evening’s performance will tie into the history and cultural atmosphere built by the Wrights at Taliesin West, while simultaneously shining a light on new generations of performers. Taliesin West Live will leave guests with a deeper appreciation for the beautiful harmony that comes when art and architecture unite as one.

*Please note that this program grants guests access only to the program location.

$50 general admission
$35 student general admission

If you have any questions about Cultural Programs at Taliesin West, please refer to their FAQ.