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Tuesday, November 24, 2020 - 2:00pm

UnMic’d is a new show produced by Arizona Opera that explores the blurry edge that connects the world of opera to, well, just about everything else. Each episode, Arizona Opera President and General Director, Joseph Specter, will be joined by a recognized professional from the field of opera, together with an individual from another field who engages in similar work. A composer from opera and a composer of pop and musical theater. A stage combat instructor and an instructor of mixed martial arts. A costume designer and a couture fashion designer. The elements of opera are the elements of our everyday lives. Explore the blurry edge with us on UnMic’d.



Episode Information:

In the premiere episode of Arizona Opera’s new video series, UnMic’d, Arizona Opera President and General Director, Joe Specter, is joined by Alex Lacamoire, the multi-talented and award-winning music director, arranger, and composer best known for his work on Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, and In the Heights.

Also joining Joe in this exciting new “idea exchange” forum is the award-winning composer, Clint Borzoni, best known for his work on The Copper Queen, When Adonis Calls, and My Life as a Bald Soprano.

How do these two professionals connect to each other, and to the world of opera? Join us as we “dive deep” into understanding how orchestration factors into a composer’s overall career, how music writers gain the trust it takes to hand over their work to be orchestrated, and learn these two music professionals’ thoughts on the ever-burning question, “Just what IS the difference between musical theater and opera?”


Meet the Guests:

Alex Lacamoire award-winning music director, arranger, and composer.

Alex Lacamoire


CLINT JOSEPH BORZONI is an award- winning composer







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