Bold. Brave. Brilliant.

The BOLD Card

Bold Night Image

Arizona Opera invites audience members under 40 to be BOLD with us. Here’s how:



Get the best seat in the house at the best price. The BOLD Card gets you 6 best - available tickets per season, all for $100 – under $18 per ticket. Want to attend one opera with five friends? Great! Three operas with your boo? Even better!

With your BOLD Card, just call or email the box office within 7 days of the show you want to see to reserve your ticket(s). We’ll hook you up with the best - available seat(s) at that time.

Receive information about upcoming BOLD Programs and events!


BOLD Night

A great night out is made better by joining your peers. Each opening night (Friday in Phoenix, Saturday in Tucson) is BOLD Night. Get together with other BOLD Members at a pre or post-show event.