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Student Backstage Tech Theater Tours - Tucson


Student Backstage Tech Theater Tours offer High School students grades 9-12 the opportunity to go backstage at The Linda Ronstadt Music Hall during the run of one of our Main Stage productions. Led by Arizona Opera’s Production Department, students will tour a number of backstage production areas as they learn the who, what, where, and why’s of producing an opera.

Tours last approximately 60 minutes, with the opportunity to stay in the theater and observe a load in or light focus based on availability and approval from Arizona Opera’s production department. No more than 20 people are permitted on the tour and Arizona Opera encourages 1 chaperone for ever 5 students if possible. Tour’s cost $20 per student, chaperone tickets are complimentary.


Program sign-up information coming soon!


For additional questions regarding the tour please email Cassie Hollerbach, Director of Education and Community Engagement at