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2014-2015 Season

The Magic Flute

Arizona Opera's Steampunk & Magritte-Inspired MAGIC FLUTE Begins Tonight

The Magic Flute - Arizona Opera
Broadway World
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This preview of The Magic Flute from Broadway World includes the background of the director Daniel Rigazzi and how he put the Arizon Opera production together. The article also includes a brief overview of the storyline as well as who is in the cast. The performance dates and times are also included as well as other events that are happening to promote the opera production.

"The production is a magical, surreal world, set inside Tamino's imagination, and filled with allusions to dreams and the idea of nature vs science. The imagery, inspired by the paintings of René Magritte with a nod to Victorian-era "Steampunk" style, takes the audience to an exciting place where imagination and reality blend together for Mozart's masterpiece."

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