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2015-2016 Season

Arizona Lady

Arizona Opera Premieres Kálmán’s Arizona Lady

Arizona Lady - Arizona Opera
Opera Today

Maria Nockin

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Maria Nockin of Opera Today goes into incredible detail in her review about the Arizona Opera's production of Arizona Lady. Nockin discusses everything from the history of the production to the plot of the story.  The article also includes an audio clip from the production.

"Arizona Lady is a horse that can save her owner’s ranch if she wins the Kentucky Derby. The story begins on a Tucson ranch owned by Lona, an immigrant whose native language is German and who remembers how to waltz. Her culture mixes surprising well with a charming Mexican ranchero, and a barbershop quartet that might have come from English speakers in Tucson. Lona, who insists she is a businesswoman rather than a mere marriage prospect, needs to find a qualified rider. As a result of the search, she eventually finds her true love."

– Maria Nockin