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AZ Opera Cosutme Shop

Arizona Horizon | PBS

Colleen O’Donnell Pierce

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Colleen O’Donnell Pierce of Arizona PBS took some time with the Arizona Opera's Kathleen Trott to get an in depth look at what work goes into creating the costumes for their productions. The article features the upcoming Arizona PBS Television Show "ArtBeat Nation" which will feature the Arizona Opera and how these costumes go from ideas to on the stage.

“It’s stunning to see how much work and preparation goes into creating the breathtaking costumes featured on stage. I was so impressed by the talent of the design team after learning that all of the costumes are custom-made and handcrafted. I think our viewers are going to enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at the costume creation process — it definitely adds another layer of appreciation to a night out at the Arizona Opera.”

– Jennifer Burke