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Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission marks 30 years

The Arizona Republic
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From the vibrant artwork of multiple artists at the SkyTrain stations to the sleek, new Arizona Opera building and the rapid growth of the Children's Museum of Phoenix, an important city partnership has had a significant hand in all those projects.

The Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission and the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture have worked together for many years to make the city better by promoting its artistic and cultural richness.  The commission celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, showcasing the best Phoenix has to offer with a big festival Saturday, Oct. 3.

The Phoenix City Council formed the commission in 1985 to encourage art in both the public and private sectors, and to set and implement policies. The commission is made up of volunteers appointed by the Mayor's Office, and it advises the City Council on how to apply resources to support arts organizations, promote cultural programs and events  and educate the public about the importance of the arts.