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2015-2016 Season

Arizona Lady

Poet Laureate 'Tito' Rios Partners with AZ Opera for ARIZONA LADY Script

Arizona Lady - Arizona Opera
Broadway World
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Broadway World highlights Arizona Opera's production of Arizona Lady for their collaboration with poet Laureate Alberto Rios, an Arizona native. The articles goes into Rios past and discusses how he got to where he is today. He also is asked about how he enjoyed working with the Arizona Opera.

"So many incredible artists from diverse backgrounds have come together to collaborate on this project. Kathleen guided the development of the new book using her quick wit, extensive knowledge of the piece, fluent understanding of the original German text and the lyrical flow of Kálman's music. Working side by side with Kathleen, Tito deftly translated the intent and story line into Spanish to create richer characters adding new depth and colors to an already spectacular work."

– Ryan Taylor, Arizona Opera General Director