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Madama Butterfly

Arizona Opera's ‘Madama Butterfly’ confronts issues of whitewashing, representation

Madama Butterfly - Arizona Opera
The Arizona Republic

Kerry Lengel

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This article by The Arizona Republic takes a closer look at Madama Butterfly. This feature delves into the issues of race and white-washing that has at times surrounded the Puccini masterpiece, and how the Arizona Opera decided to address and transcende these issues.

“It was a piece that I’ve always had prejudices against... I do think it’s a phenomenal opera, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a production that didn’t make me culturally upset and kind of offended. It turns into a very black-and-white nature of what the East and West is. When the East is only seen as submissive and servile, I have a huge issue, and when people are kowtowing and bowing and they’re in yellowface, I have a huge issue with that."

– Matthew Ozawa, Director