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2016-2017 Season

Madama Butterfly

"Butterfly" takeaways: Boos, cheers and no where to park

Madama Butterfly - Arizona Opera
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Cathalena E. Burch

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Never fear, the audience wasn't booing Arizona Opera's preformance of Puccini's "Madama Butterfly" or even tenor Adler Fellow... 

They were booing Fellow's character: Pinkerton. If you don't know already, Pinkerton is a wretched excuse of an American sailor in crisp white dress uniform who deceives a young Japanese geisha into marrying him so that he could have his way with her. The opera is a masterpiece and clearly depicts the young expectations of love and loss.

"[Director Matthew] Ozawa gave us an intimate view of a young naive girl folding under the weight of despair and disappointment. He let us see Butterfly's plight through a universal lens; it wasn't a Japanese story, or American story. It was a human story."

– Cathalena Burch