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Riders of the Purple Sage: Meet Jane

Riders of the Purple Sage - Arizona Opera
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Jenna Douglas

Medium: Print

In this character feature, Jenna Douglas of Schmopera talks with Arizona Opera cast members Laura Wilde and Karin Wolverton about their shared role as Jane Withersteen. They take a look at Jane as a person, the rehearsal process, the pressure of a world premiere and the overall performance itself.

"This is a truly remarkable opera. Craig Bohmler is a genius composer and orchestrator. He has given each character a distinct theme, which he weaves expertly through the piece. His orchestral writing is as vast and beautiful as the landscape he is describing through music. Steven Mark Kohn's libretto is precise, descriptive, and digs deep to the heart of each character. The story is fantastic; it resonates with today's world, while exploring the specific era in which it is written. Also the production, with Ed Mell's scenic design, will be a thrill to see!"

– Laura Wilde