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Riders of the Purple Sage: Meet Lassiter

Riders of the Purple Sage - Arizona Opera
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Jenna Douglas

Medium: Print

In this character feature, Jenna Douglas of Schmopera talks with Arizona Opera cast members Joshua Jeremiah and Morgan Smith, about their shared role as mysterious gunman Lassiter. Topics touched on include Lassiter as a person, favorite moments from the show and the pressure of being the first ever performers in a role.

"...The music is so reminiscent of the Old West. I don't think I've ever heard an opera that so perfectly encapsulates the time and place in which it is set. This isn't the kind of exoticism that opera often falls into, but rather a love letter from someone that lives there and really appreciates and understands it. I would rank up it up there with Strauss's Alpine Symphony in its ability to conjure up imagery."

– Joshua Jeremiah